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Latest National News
Time to Deal with Extinction Rebellion.
   15 November - 2019
David Challice gives his view on dealing with Extinction Rebellion. . Read more...
A Response to Nigel Farage.
   11 November - 2019
The Flextension.
   28 October - 2019
A painfully expected turn of events. .
Backing Boris?.
   25 October - 2019
Is it worth backing the PM? .
Richard Braine Responds to Boris' EU Deal.
   17 October - 2019
To deal, or not to deal? .
Latest Local News
Legal Notice.
  30 October - 2019
Irish Backstop unacceptable before and remains so now.
  05 August - 2019
Irish Backstop unacceptable before and remains so now.
Our Veterans deserve action not only words.
  31 July - 2019
Veterans in North East show support.
  22 May - 2019
UKIP is enjoying great support among Veterans across the country.. Read more...
Debate in the Park.
  22 May - 2019
UKIP supporters, opponents and the undecided enjoyed several hours of .... Read more...