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Latest National News
Capital acted like a loose cannon on the deck of a ship in the middle of a hurricane.
   15 August - 2018
Salih Khater attack: Britain under a state of permanent siege.
   15 August - 2018
The attack on the Houses of Parliament by Sudanese national Salih Khat... . Read more...
Mike Hookem MEP - We Must Save Our Greenbelt .
   14 August - 2018
Christine Hamilton sacking by charity is a triumph of political correctness over common sense.
   13 August - 2018
Muscular Dystrophy UK has sacked Christine Hamilton as a charity "amba... . Read more...
Turkey can be the spark that breaks the Euro.
   12 August - 2018
Just imagine, if the pound dropped from being worth one and a half dol... . Read more...
Latest Local News
Rally for Brexit in Gloucester.
  05 July - 2018
Brexiteers from all over Gloucestershire & throughout the South West r.... Read more...
Kurten Comes to Peterborough.
  10 July - 2018
Former leadership contender David Kurten is to speak in Peterborough n.... Read more...
Sargon Meets Neil Hamilton AM.
  11 July - 2018
Watch the video of social media superstar, Sargon of Akkad interview.... Read more...
Brexit Street Stalls in Totnes.
  12 July - 2018
Brexit street stalls are being held throughout the Totnes constituency.... Read more...