Ukip Kent Summer Street Stall Fest

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Image: www.ukip.org

Together we will make UKIP Great Again.

And today was testament to that – Members from Bexley, Chatham & Aylesford, Dartford and Tonbridge & Malling joined UKIP Gravesham and set up stall In Gravesend High Street.

And what a positive day it was.

With the highest Leave vote in Kent (65.4%) and a council seemingly in meltdown the people of Gravesham had much to say.

“UKIP Always” and “I’m never voting Conservative again” were common phrases throughout the morning.

The OUT NOW badges flew off the table – Both young and old pinning them to their chest with pride.

Some Remainers scuttled by, ignoring the leaflets with a glaring look.

But as the People’s Army of Kent retired to the pub to sup some Whetherspoons beer, we realised “racists”was the one word we did not hear.

Being out where the public can see you really does make a difference – It helps to motivate the troops, let’s the electorate know there is an alternative and fires a warning shot across the boughs of both conservative and labour. I urge every branch up and down the country to make the most of this great British Summer and get out on the high street.

It’s time to Take Our Country Back !