Lincolnshire on East Midlands campaign trail.

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Image: www.ukip.org

East Midlands lead candidate, Alan Graves, used a visit to Lincoln to declare he is optimistic ahead of polling day after successes in the local elections.

Alan, who is also leader of the party on Derby City Council, said he wants to the be the “voice of ordinary people” in the region, including Lincolnshire.
“The government has let the country down by not carrying out the result of the Referendum in 2016,” he said.
“We’re in this ridiculous situation where we have got to have European elections, therefore I’m standing because I want to be the voice of the East Midlands for the ordinary people in this region.”
UKIP wants to “reject Article 50” and leave the European Union by instead revoking the European Communities Act 1972, so that we can leave under our own law.
“We want to deal with the EU, but unfortunately we’ve got a Prime Minister that has come back with a withdrawal agreement that nobody actually likes, not even people who voted to remain,” he said.
“It’s much better if we start from scratch and repeal the European Communities Act and then we can negotiate with the EU and exit in a proper and clean manner.”