Debate in the Park

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Image: www.ukip.org

UKIP supporters, opponents and the undecided enjoyed several hours of discussion and debate under a tree in Salisbury.

MEP candidate Carl Benjamin, and his South West tour team, had to remove to the Queen Elizabeth Gardens after they were greeted by an angry mob of protesters near the Guildhall.

Carl was covered in milkshake by one of the protesters.  Despite this, the event relocated and a group of up to 80 people took part in sensible discussion in the park.  One had travelled from Wolverhampton to be there.

Another list candidate, Lester Taylor, livestreamed the event. Lawrence Webb and Tony McIntyre (one and three on the list) also took part.

Salisbury UKIP campaign manager, Pat Conlon, said: “It was fantastic to be gathering in the park like that and there were a lot of younger people there too.”