Veterans in North East show support

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Image: www.ukip.org

UKIP is enjoying great support among Veterans across the country.

Lead UKIP candidate for the North East, Richard Elvin, chatted to veterans at a parade in Durham. He was joined by Chris Gallacher, number two on the list, who gave a speech.

It was a well attended event with lots of UKIP members in attendance to show their support.

Chris spoke in support of stopping the prosecution of ‘Soldier F’ and others that may follow.

“Soldiers do not make war.  That is done by our political masters and they write the rules of engagement not the “squaddies” but it would seem that the people at the bottom of the chain of command are carrying the responsibility,” he said.

“We need to get behind this protest and stop all these unfair and vexatious prosecutions.  We have the support of the population at large but are ignored by the media who are clearly part of the same establishment,” he added.

The UKIP manifesto makes a pledge to Veterans that: “We will bring forward legislation to prevent veterans from being pursued by police and prosecutors many years after the event, for actions they undertook in good faith whilst they were in the service of the Crown.”