UKIP Battle Bus joins North East campaign

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Image: www.ukip.org

In the Leave voting North East the authentic voice of Brexit takes to the campaign trail

UKIP is fighting hard in the staunchly ‘leave voting’ North East with supporters using their own campaign bus.

North East Region mini bus has been out and about with supporters campaigning for Richard Elvin (Houghton & Sunderland South) and Keith Jenkins (Washington & Sunderland West).

Speaking from his home in Easington Lane, Richard Elvin said: “It’s great to have the use of this bus for the campaign. We will be travelling around Sunderland talking to our constituents.

“Politics in the UK is broken. It’s time to elect local candidates who live and work in their constituencies and have a proven track record of contributing to local life.”

The party has launched a full manifesto of policies for ‘Brexit and beyond’ and is standing in constituencies across the country.  UKIP has had a particularly strong following in the North East for many years.

Richard added: “The electorate are fed up of being represented by career politicians and academics who have no idea of how life really is for ordinary hard-working people.”