Reform voting system with PR

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Image: www.ukip.org

The first past the post voting system is not fair and the last three years have shown it's not capable of delivering what people voted for


Our broken democracy needs urgent reform. If the lessons of the last three years since the Referendum are to be learned we need to overhaul the way we vote – proportional representation is the answer.

In 2015 UKIP achieved 3.8 million or 12.6% of the vote but didn’t get a single seat in the House of Commons.

At a Churches Together hustings event in Banstead, Julia Searle, UKIP candidate for Reigate, was able to fly the flag for a fairer system based on Proportional Representation.

“Most of the votes cast in the Reigate constituency simply don’t count – about 70% here – and that’s not right,” she said.

“We need to scrap our ancient and utterly fraudulent electoral system in favour of a more proportional method of voting.”

UKIP also argues that the House of Lords is now 'an affront to democracy'. We would hold a referendum to either abolish or reform it.

Another manifesto policy is the requirement for voter ID at polling stations and an end to postal voting fraud by restricting them to those with a valid reason for needing one.