Distance no object for UKIP activists

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Image: www.ukip.org

Campaigners have been fighting hard across the country to make sure the UKIP message gets across - only a full clean Brexit satisfies the wishes of the British people expressed in the Referendum


UKIP supporters have been proving that distance is no object when it comes to supporting the election cause.

Two activists from Wales travelled all the way up to the North East to join candidate Richard Elvin on the campaign trail with the purple battle bus.

Richard Elvin, who is standing in the Houghton and Sunderland South constitency, said: "I was absolutely delighted that they made the journey. We've had a great response from people to our battle bus.

"This is a strongly Leave-voting area of the country and people are really not happy with the position the Labour Party has taken on the issue of Brexit.

"They realise that the only true Brexit is the one UKIP is calling for, not the Bogus Brexit being offered by Boris Johnson and the Conservatives."

The deal being touted by Boris Johnson would be a Brexit in Name Only, keeping the UK shackled to Brussels and still paying out billions for the privelege.