This is the worst political deal in history

UKIP deputy leader, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed Theresa May’s “barefaced lies,” saying; “how can she stand there and tell the British public that we are taking back control when it is quite obviously untrue?”

Mr. Hookem said:

“May must think we all fell out of the cornflake packet if she believes the public is going swallow her spin on ‘taking back control!’

“How is being locked into a deal where we must continue to follow EU diktats; obey their laws, cannot make our own trade deals, and cannot reclaim our waters and farming; taking back control?

“As for the PM’s declaration that she is working in the national interest, I’m afraid she doesn’t understand what the British people voted for in the first place. To her - as a committed Remainer – the national interest is staying in the EU, not the Brexit that the British people demanded!

“And from all accounts, May has stayed true to her Remain principles and delivered Brexit in name only.”

“But worse of all, May has strangled the ability of any future government to sort out her mess by locking the UK into the deal in perpetuity. It’s no wonder Michael Barnier is bragging that he has, “broken Britain!”