UKIP Leader Questions May's Withdrawal Agreement tour

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Prime Minister Theresa May is currently on her tour to sell her Brexit 'deal'. Yesterday she was in Wales and is now in Glasgow attempting to convince the Scots that her plan is good for Scotland.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"It's unclear who Mrs May is attempting to convince with her 'deal'. If it's the general public then they already had their say on June 23rd 2016 - they want to leave. Big business, which loves the cheap labour that open doors with the EU brings, is backing her plan because they know it's a front for keeping the UK in the twilight zone of an indefinite transitional period which will allow a future government to backtrack and take us back in 100%.

"I always said that we would get Brexit in name only, but I was wrong - this is even worse - it reduces Britain to vassal status under the EU. A surrender document cannot be called a deal. UKIP is the only party left which is fighting for full, unencumbered exit from the European Union and if the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit want it, then they must vote, support and join UKIP."