May’s backstop plan is not Brexit, its Subservience!”

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Mike Hookem MEP blasts Theresa May’s “backstop” Temporary Customs Arrangement saying the plans are a “total betrayal of Brexit.” 

Thursday 7th June 2018

UKIP deputy leader, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed Theresa May’s Temporary Customs Arrangement as, “a total betrayal of Brexit,” saying the proposals are “nothing more than keeping the UK in the EU by another name.”

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem continued, saying, “Through her ineptitude and weak leadership, Theresa the Appeaser is making sure the UK is nothing more than a vassal state of the EU – bound to follow its laws, rules, regulations and edicts; yet powerless to make changes that suit an independent British economy.”

“MEPs have already been told that it is likely Civil Servants will be the only UK representation allowed in EU negotiations during the transition deal, rather than officials elected to represent the people. 

“May’s backstop plan is not Brexit, its subservience to an EU determined to punish the British people for having the audacity to challenge their domination of our country!”

“Surely now the Prime Minister should see that her position is no longer tenable and make way for a leader that has the backbone to at least stand up for our democracy, our people, and our way of life.”