UKIP Leader calls on MPs to honour the will of the people and back WTO Brexit

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Over 200 MPs have written a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to rule out a so-called no deal Brexit. 

The MPs have been invited to meet the Prime Minister on Tuesday, while Downing Street has confirmed that the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement will be held on the 15th of January. 

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"It is no mere coincidence that the vast majority of MPs who signed this letter are hardcore Remainers. They claim it's about protecting jobs, but what it's really about is stopping Brexit. 

"The whole point of the Referendum was to resolve an issue that the elected politicians could not or would not resolve. The people voted to leave but Parliament does not want to implement the decision.

"Mrs May's so-called deal is a surrender document which reduces Britain to a vassal state of the EU, prepared to go back in at the earliest opportunity. Members of Parliament are elected to serve the will of the people and they should honour their pledge by backing a WTO Brexit.

"Brexit means exit. Leaving the EU and trading on WTO terms is now the only route which serves the will of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union and UKIP is the only party that backs it."