WTO Global Brexit is what we voted for

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Robert Hill - UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland says:

"Yesterday we heard doom and gloom on the local airwaves from another so-called Unionist, this time it was the turn of the UUP’s Steve Aiken. A true UK Unionist would not follow the blue-print of two year on remainers on the mainland by waving the flag of surrender to EU masters and accepting whatever one-sided offering was on the table. No Deal isn't a 'cliff-edge' and it would not be ‘disastrous for Northern Ireland’ as Mr Aiken argued. As successful business people such as Tim Martin have pointed out, walking away without a deal that handcuffs us to the EU will create many new free trading opportunities for businesses across the UK. WTO is in fact a safer option than what’s on the table from Mrs May. Six of the EU’s own top 10 trading partners currently operate under WTO rules.

"Walking away would remove May’s proposed option of an uncertain and seemingly never-ending transition period. It would remove the scenario where there is a de-facto border down the Irish sea which would barriers in place between Northern Ireland and the rest of this nation, damaging NI's future trading opportunities. 

"We will save £39 Billion - the sum which Mrs May is prepared to fork out for her atrocious deal - even though we aren’t legally obligated to pay another penny extra. We will then be able to create new relationships with the world’s strongest economies - and we’ll be able to finally reclaim our fishing rights. It’s clear that any deal on offer with the EU would mean betraying the fishing industry even further."

Commenting further, Robert added:

"No Deal or a WTO Global Brexit is Leaving the EU, Leaving the single market, Leaving the Common Fisheries Policy and Leaving the jurisdiction of the European Courts of Justice. These are the very things we were told by Cameron, Osborne and Co. we would be voting for by voting to leave the EU. Those who are calling for a  ‘No Deal’ to be rejected should drop the act. They are actually calling for the will of the people to be ignored. 17.4 Million people voted to leave the European Union completely, they did not vote for a one-sided deal which ties us to the EU indefinitely and costs us £39 Billion for the privilege. We voted to restore this country to its status as a sovereign, independent nation."