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Prime Minister Theresa May is today in Northern Ireland to speak with business leaders with the stated objective of reassuring them that she will secure a deal with the EU that they will be happy with.

Mrs May's visit to Northern Ireland comes in the shadow of ongoing debates on the future of the border with the Irish Republic. 


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,


"The EU has told Mrs May time after time that they are more than happy with her servile 'Withdrawal Agreement' and have refused to consider a renegotiation. Her trip to Northern Ireland is completely pointless other than being an act of political boondoggling which makes it look like she's doing something. 

"The Irish border question has been magnified by the EU to their advantage and Mrs May, either through sheer incompetence or calculated intent has allowed it to dominate the process. Neither the United Kingdom nor the Republic of Ireland supports a 'hard' border, and as such, it is no business of the European Union to interfere in the affairs of two sovereign nations.

"The Irish border question is a hurdle manufactured by the European Union and Mrs May to prevent the UK from jumping clear of the EU."