Mrs May's Secret Plan

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By David Challice
UKIP Head Office

If you wondered how we could possibly be in such a mess over Brexit, a laughing stock across Europe, here’s the explanation. It was done deliberately. Theresa May planned this all along. She was a Remainer and is still working hard, obeying orders from wherever.

She tried to please everyone but ended up pleasing no-one.  “Leaving the EU” does not mean “Staying in parts of the EU”. She should have concentrated on Leaving the EU, rather than on “trying to get a deal”.  

She has now lost two Brexit Secretaries (David Davis and Dominic Raab) because they recognised how truly dreadful it was and that their Department was really a Potemkin Village, made of clapboard, hastily nailed together, smelling of slapped-on paint to fool the world. Both of them resigned when they realised they’d been taken for idiots.  

The real Brexit Deal was being done in the background by civil servant Olly Robbins, on orders from the Prime Minister.  Try clicking on this link to a recent Westminster Committee meeting where they interview Steve Baker MP (former assistant to David Davis) who reveals how his former Department was undermined by the Establishment.

Mrs May’s discredited Deal (which will probably be rejected by the Commission, if not by its Parliaments’ MEPs) is not Brexit.  £39 billion for no return;  being shut out of the Galileo Satellite Programme (into which we’d poured £-millions); threatening the fabric of the Union; signing a Treaty you can only escape from if the other side agrees... the list goes on. And this isn’t even the Trade Deal…  merely the Withdrawal Agreement.  This is just the warm-up act before the main event.  The Trade Deal will probably stitch us up even more.

It’s all been planned.  She planned it…  spin it out until 5-mins-to-midnight until it’s too late.  And then hit everyone with a half-baked “not really leaving the EU” deal.