UKIP opposes the EU's Copyright Directive in the Single Digital Market

UKIP MEPs oppose Article 13 which threatens to "break the internet."

Speaking of forthcoming vote on the EU's draft proposals for a Copyright Directive in the Single Digital Market, UKIP leader, Gerard Batten MEP said,

"UKIP urges people across Europe to email their MEPs support our call for a vote this week on the Proposal for Copyright Directive in the Single Digital Market.

A similar call for a vote is being backed by the Green group in the Parliament – the issue cuts across political divides.

UKIP MEPs in the EFDD Group have called for a vote in the Parliament this week to stop the draft Directive automatically going to ‘Trilogue’, that is secret negotiations between the Rapporteur (Parliament’s representative), the Commission, and the Council.

If successful the vote will mean the Directive will have to be debated in the Parliament, where MEPs can propose amendments, and where it could be rejected in total.

If not rejected outright, it will then go back to the Legal Affairs Committee where MEPs can propose further amendments.

As a result of UKIP’s call for a vote, many thousands of emails have already been received by individual MEPs across Europe. The overwhelming majority of our constituents have written to ask us to oppose the Directive.

The world of online publication is changing faster than the existing law can catch up. There is a case for protecting the legitimate rights of authors but the proposed Directive is not it.

The great danger is that it will destroy the capacity for free speech on the internet and social media, which has exploded in recent years and is an invaluable alternative to the so-called mainstream media.

What is needed is not an EU Directive but an international agreement that protects the legitimate rights of creators, authors and innovators, but which does not stifle free speech and information dissemination."

We must #DeleteArt13 of the Copyright Directive. Go to and follow the instructions on how to write to you MEP.