UKIP Leader responds to John Major's comments on Brexit "zealots"

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Former Prime Minister John Major will tell an audience in Glasgow that The Conservative Party is being "manipulated" by Brexit "zealots" and that the "mainstream majority" of MPs must take control to stop a so-called no-deal Brexit.

"Some, who can fairly be called zealots, seem incapable of looking beyond the one issue of Europe," he will say. "It is not just that it dominates their thinking, it seems to obsess them."

Mr Major went on to claim that both the Conservative and Labour parties were being "manipulated" by "fringe opinion".

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"Mr Major thinks it is zealotry to be committed to returning Britain to the status of an independent nation state. For a former Prime Minister to hold this line of thinking explains the decline of our country over the past few decades. We have had successive Prime Ministers who do not believe in Britain. People like Major who want to subordinate the UK to the EU are the real zealots and fanatics.

"I would also remind Mr Major, not that I should need to, that Brexit means exit and that belief is shared by 17.4 million voters - a majority opinion, not fringe. What the former Prime Minister sees as "manipulation" is a minority of MPs attempting to serve the will of their electors in a Parliament filled with traitors and quislings.

"If the Conservatives follow Mr Major's advice and extend Article 50, then the Tories will be wiped off the European electoral map, and UKIP will play an enormous role in achieving that."