Blair on Brexit

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Tony Blair has been touring the World, trying to undermine Brexit wherever he goes. He recently appeared on the Andrew Marr Show, pushing yet again for a Second Referendum because he doesn’t like the result of the first one. Personally, I didn’t like the result of the Chilcott Enquiry and would be very happy to see a second one, just to clear the air and get things finally settled.

What the Rest of the World doesn’t realise is that Mr Blair is held in a contempt across the entire political spectrum that is pretty much universal.

The Left hate him because they think he's a closet Tory who invaded Iraq. The Right hate him because he let in a load of Eastern Europeans and invaded Iraq. And everybody else hates him because he's smug, doesn't know when to shut up, and he invaded Iraq. The writer Anita Bruckner once pointed out that those who live cautiously are punished for their virtue, while the selfish get away with it: "Haven't you noticed that?" she asked. "Look at Tony Blair. Unrealistic. Selfish. Happy as a clam."

There were two points during the campaign when that became a certainty because it revealed the lack of morale on the other side. The first was when Obama threatened us with the back of a queue that didn't even exist. The other was in the final week of the campaign when Blair and John Major were filmed, almost hand-in-hand, strolling along a Belfast dockside. My instant reaction was "My God, if they're wheeling out Blair and Major they must be desperate." Speaking personally Tony Blair has no right to offer his opinions to anyone on anything.

Tony Blair should be in the dock at The Hague on trial for war crimes. It is incredible that after stepping down as Prime Minister, the UN then made him their Middle Eastern Peace Envoy (which went down well in Iraq, I imagine).

Conclusive proof that the World is barking mad.


By David Challice