UKIP Leader on Withdrawal Agreement vote result

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Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement has been voted down in Parliament again, this time by 242 votes for to 391 against.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"I think it was no surprise to anyone, even Mrs May that her Withdrawal Agreement was voted down again. We now continue towards two critical days - on Wednesday, Parliament will vote to take WTO Brexit off the table, and on Thursday we will see the political establishment vote on an extension to Article 50. 

"I believe there will be an extension and the only question at this stage is how long it will be set for, and for what reason - revocation of Article 50, a Second Referendum or a European Parliamentary Election. Perhaps a General Election is the way forward, but the FPTP system gives structural support to two Remain parties.

"On Thursday, ahead of the Article 50 vote I will join UKIP members and campaigners outside the Houses of Parliament alongside my Deputy Leader Mike Hookem, UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton and Lord Pearson. The political establishment is on notice."

"UKIP is ready to fight a European Parliamentary Election should it come and the Tory government will be wiped off the European political map.