UKIP: Make Brexit Happen Rally - be there!

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Brexit betrayal is here. We were supposed to leave the European Union at 11 pm on March 29, but Theresa May and her traitorous Tories have taken that away from us. She is now pushing for her surrender document to be accepted with a delay until May 23, or if rejected the delay will be pushed to April 12. If Parliament does not agree to a deal by this date, then the UK will have to host European Parliament elections.

We cannot simply stand by while the political establishment betrays Brexit, and as such we are announcing the UKIP: Make Brexit Happen Rally, to be held at Whitehall on March 29, 2019, starting at mid-late afternoon (exact time to be confirmed soon). This event is a UKIP event, and it is kindly sponsored by Tommy Robinson and his TR News service.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and other prominent Brexiteers and Tommy Robinson will be speaking from the stage - there will be a 50ft screen and a sound system loud enough that Mrs May will be able to hear every single word in 10 Downing Street!

So come down to Whitehall on the afternoon of Friday, March 29 and send a message to the political establishment that the 17.4 million will not accept the Brexit betrayal.

UKIP is ready to fight any election which may come - join us at Whitehall on Friday, March 29 and Make Brexit Happen!