Extension summit is an irrelevancy hiding the inevitable

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Prime Minister Theresa May is in Brussels this evening at an emergency EU summit which will discuss a further extension to the Brexit date. Theresa May has called for an extension until June 30, while EU Chiefs including Donald Tusk have called for a longer extension.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said, 

"Mrs May claims that she wants to have a so-called 'short' extension of Article 50 until June 30, but she knows that this is impossible and we will head for a much longer extension.

"The talk in Brussels is that she will capitulate and accept an extension to the end of this year. This will make European elections inevitable and leave the way open for not leaving at all. The whole process was designed to delay and impede Brexit with the intention of eventually overturning it altogether.

"European Parliamentary elections are almost certain to happen, and UKIP is ready to fight them with a list of candidates in every part of the UK. UKIP has been preparing for elections since last November, and we will be the natural choice for the 17.4 million voters who have been betrayed. A vote for UKIP is a vote to make Brexit happen."