UKIP: The Last Defenders of Democracy

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We do not shy away from hard work because we know that if we work hard collectively, we can move mountains in British politics.

If you’ve ever stood or fought in an election for UKIP and lost, you’ll be well aware of the overwhelming sense of injustice, and you may well have even said the words “it’s just not fair”.

We feel this way because we know that UKIP is the only Party fighting on a policy platform of common sense and democracy. We campaign hard, in the wind and the rain to reach out to the voters who have become unrepresented by the mainstream parties.

We feel this way because we love our country and despair at the way it has been treated since joining the European Union in 1975.

As a UKIP member, please think back to the reason you joined UKIP in the first place. We are still that Party, doing the best we can with the resources we have.

Thanks to UKIP, discussion on Brexit is no longer considered a racist or taboo subject. It’s in the news every day, and our MPs from the Conservatives and Labour have become more outspoken in how they feel. We’ve even seen the rise of a whole new Brexit Party who are loud and proud in campaigning to leave the EU.

Keeping a political party alive with limited funds and staff is a challenge. Our priorities change constantly, and these are heavily influenced by what goes on in government. UKIP is funded by you, the members, and we try to give you as much of a voice in the Party as practically possible. You can vote for your branch officers, you can be democratically selected to stand in local and parliamentary elections, and you can now help us develop policy.

A few people have recently asked me why they should join UKIP over the Brexit Party. There are some very simple answers to this question: We are not a single-issue Party. We stand up for people who have been misrepresented, even though we know the media will use it against us. We give more to our members than any other party, and now, with the Policy Development Plan, we can promote the policies that YOU care about.

The Policy Development Plan In Action

Members of UKIP are able to register to the UKIP member site –

Once you’ve received confirmation of your registration, you’ll be able to access the policy development page where you can simply let us know your contact details and up to 700 words for you to lay out your plan. In order for it to be considered by the NEC, you will need to demonstrate that your policy has been researched, costed, and contain references for any facts or figures you’ve used.

Once a quarter, the NEC will consider and review the submissions and will write to the authors of the successful policies to let them know it has been adopted. It will then feature in the next manifesto and on the party website will full credit given to the author.

How will this help UKIP win elections?

Every time we knock on a door, and someone says – Why should I vote UKIP or support them as a party? We can say – Our members help to develop the policies we promote. We do this because we believe that real people, with real jobs and real problems, understand what needs to happen better than any career politician, Lord or Lady ever will. If there’s a local issue that affects you, you can encourage your local team to research the issue and submit a policy development form or better still; you can join UKIP and submit it yourself.

The more people who do this, the more we can influence real change in parliament. Government should not comprise of people who don’t understand the issues first hand, and UKIP can once again set an example of what can happen when we strive to do better. UKIP is a libertarian party: We do not shy away from hard work because we know that if we work hard collectively, we can move mountains in British politics.

Democracy is our foundation. We’ll defend it to the death, and for as long as I am the Party Chairman, I will continue to search for ways to give more of it to the members who enable this Party to keep fighting for what is right for the hardworking men and women of this country.


By Kirstan Herriot,

UKIP Party Chairman