Richard Braine Responds to Boris' EU Deal

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To deal, or not to deal?

The new and improved Brexit Withdrawal deal being touted by Prime Minister Johnson is not truly leaving the EU. There are still many unanswered questions over how much freedom and independence Britain will have, and the transitionary period makes a mockery of the original Article 50.

We have already had a three-year delay. The DUP clearly feels its agreement to provide support to the Conservative Party is not being honoured. The UK must not abandon Northern Ireland to the EU.

Now that Parliament has agreed to a Saturday vote, consider whether MPs are going to be voting based on a thorough understanding of this deal and in the spirit of the referendum in 2016. Remainers will see this as a platform for taking us back into the ever less democratic EU.

This is not a real Brexit, it is an agreement to abandon the benefits of actually leaving and it will encourage the EU to use the powers in the agreement to punish the UK so that other countries take fear.

Whatever Parliament decides, this terrible deal looks like a step backwards in UKIP's long struggle to secure independence for the United Kingdom.