Backing Boris?

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Is it worth backing the PM?

I don’t speak officially for UKIP, and this is purely a personal view, but I’m guessing millions of Brexiteers across the Country now support Boris Johnson’s “EU Deal”.    I know I do.

Nigel Farage (The Brexit Party) is currently sounding the claxons, firing off flare-pistols, declaiming: “Is this the Brexit you voted for?”   To which the answer is:  No, Nigel.  Of course not.  But it’s better than seeing Corbyn, Sturgeon, and Swinson cancelling the Referendum.”

You have to know when to be satisfied with what you’ve got.  The Boris Deal isn’t perfect.  Life never is. My preferred option would be No Deal and a Clean-Break Brexit. 

Theresa May’s deal never stood a chance.  MPs crushed it three times.  But if there’s a General Election, the Boris deal will probably succeed, even in the teeth of a rogue Parliament, rogue Speaker, and rogue judiciary. 

I’m not being starry-eyed about this.  I joined UKIP in 1999 and want a proper Brexit, but I’m not going to get it.  The Boris version falls short (ask the DUP), yet I’d rather get 75% of something than see the last 27 years flushed down the EU-bend. 

Even Arron Banks (Nigel’s great ally) now says: “Back Boris.”

If there’s a general election, UKIP and The Brexit Party should field no more than a handful of candidates, or we risk destroying Brexit.  We’ll be to blame.   We must back the Boris Deal. 

As for the Fishing Industry and the European Court, that can be settled later, once we’re OUT.  As an independent nation, we’ll be better placed. But holding out for a purist, unsullied, idealistic nirvana is self-destructive madness, and we’ll be to blame when Brexit crumbles to ashes in our hands.

David Challice

UKIP Head Office Manager