The Flextension

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A painfully expected turn of events.

The so-called ‘Flextension’ until 31st January, which has been agreed by the EU, is an affront to democracy.

The EU is clearly desperate for Westminster to ratify Boris’s ‘Brexit-In-Name-Only’ treaty which will keep us in an extendable transition period for three more years and subject us to all of the directives and regulations of the EU Commission, and all the rulings of the European Court of Justice, both past and future.

This is the third delay to the implementation of the democratic will of the British people which has been engineered by the EU and their Remainer supporters in Westminster working together to thwart, delay and ultimately overturn the historic 2016 vote.

No-one who respects democracy should accept this brazen Brexit betrayal nor be exasperated into fatigue. 17.4 million people voted simply to leave the EU in June 2016, not for endless delays for a return of our nation’s sovereignty and independence.

The only way to leave the EU is for a Clean-Break Brexit where we take back full control of our money, borders, laws, trade, fishing waters, and keep control of our armed forces which are to be subjugated into the EU military control and command architecture.

Regardless of this new, abominable delay to leaving the EU, UKIP will fight on to achieve the Clean-Break Brexit that the people voted for, and the liberty that is our birth-right as a nation.


David Kurten