Time to Deal with Extinction Rebellion

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David Challice gives his view on dealing with Extinction Rebellion.

It’s about time at least one British political party had the guts to condemn Extinction Rebellion for their mass-occupation of London and their criminal chaos, gridlock, and damage.  Yes, the right to publicly demonstrate is enshrined in law and should be observed.  But this went far beyond a simple march. 

No-one denies there’s a problem with plastics in the environment, air-quality from pollution, or the need to cope with Climate Change (to what degree it’s man-made is another matter), but Rebellion’s tactics are misguided, wrong, and are alienating millions of ordinary people who won’t stop going on holiday or driving their cars. 

You might be interested in this link, where Brendan O’Neill, Editor of “Spiked” takes them to task


Boris dismissed them as “crusties”, but missed the point.  They aren’t “crusty”.  They are so well-scrubbed, they glow.  Well-heeled, too … when not on State Benefits.  

Extinction Rebellion are mostly middle-class, selfish, arrogant, privileged, self-righteous and hypocritical.  They take foreign holidays, buy the latest mobile phones, drive cars.  “Do as I say, not as I do.”  They need calling out.   Apologising with a “smiley face” even as you wreck the economy is no excuse.  They should be in jail, whacked by huge fines.

When not queuing for lunch in McDonalds or concealing secret diesel generators behind stacks of pallets, they have cost the Country £-millions.   Time to pay back.

Think of the cost to the general public; the cost of policing; of all those crimes not being investigated or prevented due to the diversion of police manpower. 

Take Smithfield Meat Market where traders were blocked from earning their living by a bunch of militant vegans chanting: “Beets not Meat.”

If we wanted ‘beets’ we’d eat them.  Personally, I prefer meat.  You chomp on beets if you want to; I’d rather feed them to cows.

And exactly what do they propose doing with the British countryside when it’s stripped of livestock?  Plant soya beans?  That’ll do wonders for methane-levels.  Never mind ‘farting cows’… it’s back-firing vegans I’m more worried about.

Rather than telling traders not to beep their vehicle-horns in case they awoke the squatters inside Smithfield Market, the Police should have cleared them out and arrested the lot of them.  If on Benefits, those Benefits should be removed.  Why should the State subsidise them, even as they sabotage it, biting the hand that feeds?

We even had the cops politely reading the Riot Act to individuals but being completely ignored. 

Finally, eventually, the Police did act, and banned the protests, but now we have the Courts ruling that their ban was illegal, so these idiots will soon return, blocking the streets, disrupting commuters, alienating the general public.   We need proper leadership from the Government, or the lunatics will have occupied the asylum.

David Challice

UKIP Head Office