Modular housing and brownfield sites - UKIP leads the way

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Innovative way to solve housing crisis from UKIP


Modular housing could be the answer to Britain’s housing crisis. And incentives to build on brownfield sites could be an urgent way to save our green and pleasant land from developers. These are both policies UKIP is driving through its innovative manifesto.

Alongside traditional methods of building modular housing (very usual and popular on the continent) could be a success story here in the UK too. 

British companies are already designing and building component parts for delivery to sites for final assembly. Of the 200,000 homes built each year in the UK, about 15,000 are modular, according to a report by law firm Pinsent Masons.

Building on brownfield land has added costs because developers are required to decontaminate the ground to make sure it is safe to build on. That’s why UKIP is calling for a tax incentive in order to save our green spaces.

So instead of building traditional-style houses on brownfield sites, with all the inherent costs, we say bring in Modular Housing, to make the whole package economical.

A modular ROK house, which arrives onsite prefabricated and can be erected in three days.

(Photograph: Frank Baron/The Guardian)

Recovered brownfield sites, with tax incentives, and well-designed modular homes would be a truly effective way to meet the targets for annual housebuilding and get the younger generation onto the property ladder. 

These new homes must be to a high standard, including being environmentally effective and meet the national space standard for a home.

What’s more, it will create jobs. Designers, engineers, jobs in the factories building the components, delivery drivers and construction workers, as well as special trades on site. Some of these homes are assembled on-site in just three days.

Flats and high-rise apartments are already under construction.

Job creation and affordable homes in a short timescale.  This has to be a win-win policy from UKIP.


Marietta King

NEC Member and Housing Spokeswoman