Uncontrolled immigration must end

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In another radical policy move UKIP is abandoning the 'Australian-style points system' for immigration in favour of a much tougher approach, writes David Kurten


UKIP has abandoned the Australian-style points system as its headline immigration policy. This is because it is not tough enough. Instead, UKIP wants a limit of under 10,000 net a year and work visas.

Migration Watch has been saying for a number of years that the Australian points-based immigration system is not right for the UK. (1) The system assesses applicants based on a variety of criteria to determine their all-round fitness to work and contribute to society. It then offers permanent leave to remain and work in any field. The system is geared towards increasing the population.

This is not what the UK needs. We are a small and crowded country: the exact opposite of Australia. The era of mass, rapid immigration propagated under Blair, Brown, Cameron and May must come to an end. Net Immigration last year was 225,000, which is equivalent to four towns the size of Bognor Regis, one of two towns in the constituency where I am standing for UKIP in this General Election: that is nearly another Southampton every year.

If Johnson is returned as Prime Minister, this era looks set to continue with more unsustainable population increases, an amnesty for over 1,000,000 illegal immigrants, and foreign students being allowed to stay and work in the UK after completing a course of study.

UKIP believes that the UK should become self-sufficient in skills, so that there is no need for mass immigration. However, successive governments have under-invested in training our own young people, so that the UK is now heavily reliant on immigration to fill empty job positions as doctors, nurses, plumbers, builders and many other occupations. This negligence is deplorable.

The other side of this coin is that the UK is pillaging skilled workers from poor countries who need to keep their most skilled and talented people to build up their own economies. This is morally wrong and must not continue. It will take time to correct, but the UK must have the vision to invest in our own young people so that we cut our dependence on immigration and stop stealing other countries’ best and brightest people over the next 5 to 10 years.

UKIP therefore advocates time-limited work visas for scarce skills. This will allow the country to bring skilled workers here for limited periods, while we train up our own young people to fill the numerous skills gaps in the UK that should not exist.


David Kurten is the party's candidate in Bognor and Littehampton