Halt 5G roll-out for proper testing

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The Government is steaming full-speed ahead with the roll-out of 5G but amid growing concerns that it hasn't been properly tested and may be dangerous to people, animals and plants, UKIP calls for a moritorium



There is much talk about 5G and the apparently hasty way in which the Government is rolling out technology that hasn’t been adequately tested and allows the Chinese, for instance, to play a pivotal role in its deployment.

UKIP is calling on the Government to instigate urgent INDEPENDENT research into the health effects of exposure to these radio frequencies and suspend the rollout of 5G technology near high-rise housing blocks, schools and sheltered accommodation schemes, in particular. 

Of course, those in the industry say 5G is the best thing since sliced bread, with faster download speeds and improved access to the internet. But as a Telecoms professional with over 40 years experience in the business and I am very concerned about the way this is being handled. 

There is a major 5G deployment going on near where I live and some locals have been protesting at the installation of aerials onto the roofs of tower blocks. Indeed, a new 5G aerial has been installed on the lamppost next to the playground of the primary school where I was a governor for over 35 years. 

This is the school my children attended and where my own grandchildren currently attend - and it is adjacent to old people's sheltered accommodation block, so I am EXTREMELY concerned that, whilst other councils around the country are halting the 5G roll-out until further testing and study has been carried out, some areas are simply pressing ahead.

We call for a moratorium on all 5G installations in built up areas and especially those near schools and sheltered housing, pending proper government funded INDEPENDENT research.

There is also potential for intrusion into people's privacy and a great deal of suspicion has been cast over government motives for pushing so-called ‘smart’ monitoring technology into our homes.

There is no apparent tangible benefit to be gained from installing these meters as they merely advise on ‘what has already been consumed’ but don't actually improve fuel efficiency or reduce fuel consumption.

There is certainly a security risk from unscrupulous foreign powers (and hackers) gaining remote access to systems manufactured by state-owned (or influenced) companies. Worries about the Chinese manufacturer Huawei who in recent years were apparently ‘accidentally gathering’ telemetry data from telephone exchange equipment they had installed in a number of BT telephone exchanges. This went largely unreported by the UK media, but UKIP believes it is extremely foolish for our government to allow a foreign power anywhere near the UK's Critical National Infrastructure. 

But it's the risks to health and the environment that are even more worrying with numerous peer reviewed reports urging extreme caution, if not a full cessation of all 5G deployment. 

UKIP believes it is better to err on the side of caution, rather than risk the health and wellbeing of our population, livestock and pets. We are especially worried about the welfare of our children and elderly, so frankly, even if that means that our refrigerators have to wait a few more years before they can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and automatically order more milk or eggs when we run out, we believe that's a price worth paying!


Pete Muswell is UKIP's Technology spokesman