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The referendum result was clear and despite what politicians claim people knew exactly what they were voting for: to Leave the EU completely.


Let’s not forget: voters were very clear over what they wanted.  That was to Leave the EU.  It could have been simple but we had a Remainer Establishment in charge. And three and a half years of delay and deception have been the outcome.

In Brexit terms, the country is facing a choice between an imperfect Tory Brexit or a Labour ‘not Brexit at all’ outcome. Not a happy situation to find ourselves in.

So, what of the Theresa May Withdrawal Agreement treaty as amended by Boris Johnson?

Answer: it is not a clean break Brexit - it is not a UK independence Brexit - and it contains well documented flaws, not least of which is the potential Irish Sea border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK!

But there are also further hidden dangers that will only become apparent once the General Election dust has settled.

The Boris style Brexit is a two stage process and there is a reason for this. Under the EU treaties a member state cannot negotiate a deal with the EU until after it has left the bloc. That means we cannot negotiate a final deal until the Article 50 process has ended.

So, the first stage of the Boris treaty process is to leave the EU treaties on the 31st January 2020.

At that point, every single Remainer in the country becomes a ‘Rejoiner’.

The country then enters the second stage, a temporary implementation period under a brand new EU treaty, where we have all the obligations of membership but none of the rights.

During that implementation period we negotiate a new long-term treaty deal with the EU.

But under the proposed Brexit legislation Boris is putting forward, parliament would have control over deciding the baselines for those second stage negotiations and how that would progress into the final treaty.

So it all hinges on how many Tory true Brexiteers get voted in as MPs on Thursday. And because of that, we have no real idea of what that deal will look like yet.

That is a real danger to a proper Brexit in itself and something only a UKIP clean break Brexit would avoid.


Lester Taylor is UKIP's Brexit spokesman