Tories can't be trusted on Brexit

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Even so-called eurosceptic Tories like the ERG's Steve Baker are talking compromise - that's why more than ever UKIP needs to press the case for the clean break Brexit people voted for


When UKIP decided to field a candidate against a Conservative considered to be one of the most strongly Eurosceptic in his party it raised a few eyebrows.

But for UKIP candidate Vijay Srao, standing in Wycombe, it was a no-brainer. The Conservative Steve Baker might have been the chairman of the eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG) but recent pronouncements indicate a profound softening of his position.

Vijay said: “UKIP believes that people knew exactly what they were voting for in the Referendum and that was a complete withdrawal from the European Union, including the single market and all its institutions. The Boris deal is Brexit in Name only.”

Conservative Steve Baker told Christopher Hope, the chief political correspondent of the Telegraph, in a podcast: ““Whenever people accuse me and others of not compromising it gets right under my skin… I’m all for compromise.”

The former Brexit minister, a former engineer with the RAF, who worked as the chief architect of global financing and asset service platforms at Lehman Brothers, also said he would be ‘fiercely reasonable’ in seeking a deal.

“I’m open, liberal and tolerant,” he said, revealing that he had previously been pro-EU.

Vijay said: “You may have thought that Steve Baker was straight about Brexit but he is now going the other way and is quite open about the fact that he used to be a Remainer.”

On his website, the Wycombe MP states that ‘some compromises remain’ and that’s why UKIP is adamant that if a so-called Tory ‘eurosceptic’ is talking this way there are real dangers of losing the Brexit we fought so hard for and 17.4 million people voted for in the Referendum. It could see us leave and then sign up to everything again by agreeing to the EU rules and regulations.

Vijay added: “What the Tories are proposing is a hokey cokey Brexit – we are in, then we are out, and then we are back in again.

"You cannot trust the Tories on Brexit. Vote UKIP for a clean break Brexit."