A vote for UKIP is a vote for true Brexit

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They've called it the 'Brexit election' but the sad fact is that a true Brexit is not on the table from either of the main parties, only a clean break Brexit, campaigned for by UKIP, will really free us from the European Union.


Don’t be fooled. Brexit can be better and the only true Brexit is a one-stage clean break Brexit proposed by UKIP at the start and still relevant after three and a half years of dealing and dithering by the Government. That’s why where you can you should vote UKIP.

Here are seven points to watch with the Boris Johnson two-stage deal to consider:

The first point is that any deal we make with the EU would come after we’ve left, that’s a treaty requirement - so it’s impossible to have a referendum on ‘the deal’ before we leave.

The second point is this means there is no Boris ‘oven-ready deal’ yet. Only a legal out, with a seat at the negotiating table while we’re locked down by EU regulations.

The third point is that the ‘deal’ we end up with will depend on the Brexit mix in parliament. Remember, only 76 (under 12%) of MPs stood down at the end of the last Remainer dominated parliament. Many of these have been replaced with yet more Remain-minded candidates.

The fourth point is that, although Boris claims all his MPs will support ‘his’ deal, what does that mean if the whole of parliament is going to dictate how this deal plays out?

The fifth point, is that a Tory majority alone cannot secure a proper Brexit. Only a solid Brexiteer majority in the House of Commons can do that. Will there be a new Dominic Grieve? A new Anna Soubry? A new Oliver Letwin?

The sixth point is, will MPs concentrate so EU-centrically, that they forget the countries around the rest of the globe? Will they end up tying us down to the EU with this new treaty deal, to such an extent that some of them no longer feel able to make a deal with the UK?

The seventh point, is that Boris has stated that we can all relax and forget about Brexit once he’s got a majority. My answer is that UKIP will not be looking the other way. Because anyone who is fooled by a distraction artist, always gets their pockets picked!

All of the above outlines why we in UKIP believe, that the only true Brexit is a one-stage only, clean break Brexit! And a vote for UKIP is a vote for just that!

So we must continue to monitor this Tory Brexit process extremely closely.


Lester Taylor is UKIP’s Brexit spokesman