Emily Thornberry V Caroline Flint

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How about some honesty from the Labour Party?

Caroline Flint (former Labour MP for Don Valley) lost her seat in the recent general election and is now in a legal dispute with Emily Thornberry, an MP who did not lose her seat in the same election, but who (unlike Flint) is part of the metropolitan clique responsible for running the Labour Party into the ground. 

Caroline Flint accuses Ms Thornberry of saying to a colleague: “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours,” (for voting Brexit in the Referendum).   Here’s the link to the Sophie Ridge Show, to see for yourself:

Emily Thornberry vehemently denies this, and now threatens legal action, so we’ll await developments.  But I predict it will never get to Court.  Too many other Labour MPs (or ex-MPs;  there are plenty of them) will likely come out in support of Caroline Flint, given Ms Thornberry’s past comments, such as her infamous “White Van with Union Flag” tweet during the Rochester by-election in 2014, which caused her resignation.  Here’s the link for that one, just to refresh your memory: 

The other aspect is that Ms Thornberry is currently a possible leadership candidate to replace Jeremy Corbyn.  I predict someone will have a discreet word in her ear, pointing out the “unwisdom” of suing a former MP of the very party you aspire to lead. Not good for morale.

If you’re looking for another example of Labourites apparently telling porkies, you can’t do better than this.  Richard Burgon MP was accused by the Daily Mail of saying: “Zionism is the enemy of peace.” Burgon denied it.  But then a video surfaced which had him bang to rights.

If you want bald, bare, ‘slap you round the back of the neck with a large haddock’ proof of Labour’s vile anti-Semitism and their refusal to deal with it, then click on this link.  It’s a real lulu. You won’t be disappointed.  The question is, why did Labour even let him stand as a candidate when this was all in the public domain?

David Challice