Raab is the footman of Brexit says Gerard Batten

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The long overdue announcement of the reality that the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab is nothing more than a cypher of Mrs May's civil service has made it very clear the Government's priority over Brexit.

Gerard Batten, the UKIP leader said: "It is hard to conceive of a better way of overturning the Referendum vote than the approach of this Government. If I were charitable I would accuse them of incompetence. But I cannot believe even this Prime Minister of this level of incompetence. If so, then it must be a deliberate attempt to put the UK in the only position worse than being a full member of the EU, a non-member constrained entirely by its rules. The only reason for this must be to browbeat the British public into accepting future subservience.

"By announcing what amounts to the repeal of the repeal of the European Communities Act immediately after repealing it in the first place. By hinting that EU nationals would get preferential immigration status over non-EU nationals, thus maintaining their unfair advantage over the rest of the world, by accepting ongoing European Court supremacy over UK during what looks like a transition period that stretches on to a dim distant horizon it seems clear that Mrs May is now doing what she always wanted to do. Presiding over a Remain policy whilst pretending to accept the results of June 2016. 

"The Brexit Secretary is not a minister, he is not even the butler of Brexit - that job must go to Olly Robbins - but he has become a mere footman. Scraping and bowing before his mistress, and also Barnier and others in Brussels. Why he even bothers to go there at all, given his rôle is merely to tidy up behind the PM I cannot say. But if he had an ounce of honour he would resign."