What Next for British Politics in 2020

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An empty landscape or a field of dreams?

Nigel Farage has just sacked his staff at The Brexit Party head office. This proves The Brexit Party is finished. Without staff, you can’t run a party; it’s impossible.

You seek proof? Of course you do.  Nigel now refers to it as “it”, saying: “It will have to reform” and “It’ll have to campaign to change politics for good”.    What he doesn’t admit is: “But they’ll have to do it without me...  I’m off”.  

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He did exactly the same with UKIP shortly before he resigned, so this is all familiar stuff. Nigel is off to the USA to help President Trump get re-elected in November. The golden elevator beckons.

So, what about the rest of us, still here in Britain? Well, Boris will be in power for the next ten years, unless he gets bored or is exposed as a deep-State sleeper agent for North Korea or somewhere. But otherwise, he’s safe.

Labour will be in opposition for at least a decade. Corbyn led them to the Left and they fell off a cliff.

The Lib Dems lost their leader and are in total chaos after completely misjudging the mood of the Country.

Only the SNP could remotely be described as a unified opposition, but they stand only in Scotland so are no threat, and when the Scots realise that Nicola Sturgeon’s plan means being lumbered with the Euro, and showing their passport at Hadrian’s Wall, they will vote to stay with the UK rather than shackling themselves to Brussels.

So we can forget the SNP.  

Apart from the Greens, who are rabidly pro-EU as well as obsessed with Greta Thunberg, that leaves UKIP as a rational, sensible, common-sense voice of opposition. We need to safeguard Brexit and ensure that the Trade Deal in December 2020 doesn’t betray our farmers and fishermen, and our Justice system becomes truly independent, not a slave of the EU Courts.

Ted Heath betrayed our fishermen back in 1973 and we mustn’t let it happen again.  

UKIP is also a moderate voice against Political Correctness, Identity Politics, and the lunacy of “self-identifying” one’s gender.  There are Men and there are Women.  Some are born Males when they feel as if they are Female (and vice versa) and it’s perfectly legitimate for them to have what used to be called a sex-change. But they are changing from one sex to the other. As far as UKIP is concerned, there is no “third sex” hovering somewhere in between. 

As long as UKIP survives its current uncertainty, there is a very real political area for it to occupy. Watch this space!

David Challice

UKIP Head Office