Is Brexit a Done Deal?

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UKIP's position in a post-Brexit Britain.

On 31st January we’ll be leaving the EU, we hope.  The Conservatives are riding high, enjoying their recent stunning victory, and they can’t be blamed.  It was a Brexit election, and the voters spoke. 

As for political opposition, The Brexit Party will die when Nigel Farage jets off to Trumpland, and Labour and the Lib Dems are spinning chaotically, bumping off walls like robots zapped by a laser-gun, smoke belching, lights flashing, mechanised voice crying: “Out of Control.  Out of Control.  Out of Control”.

Politics has gotten interesting again.

But where does this leave UKIP? Has the fox been shot?

UKIP has always been a lifeboat for those unafraid to disagree with the prevailing view, the progressive Left-Liberal agenda. But one problem is that the “prevailing view” is now for leaving the EU, the very reason UKIP was formed in the first place. That’s why some members have left or not renewed, thinking: “Job done.”

Whether the job actually is done is another matter.  We’ll have to wait and see.  The Tories certainly got the message about leaving the EU but whether they’ll deliver a real Brexit is still in doubt. 

UKIP has its problems at the moment (no one’s immune, it seems) but assuming they can be solved then we are very well placed to occupy part of the vacuum created by the chaos in Labour where (with one exception) their leadership candidates are still in denial about Brexit, Corbynism, and why millions of traditional Labour voters not only deserted them but went and voted for Boris, when for decades many of them would have rather jumped off Beachy Head in full armour than vote for “the Tories”.  

There is a gap here, and UKIP needs to regroup and occupy it.         

David Challice

UKIP Head Office