HS2 Destroying Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

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HS2 impacts YOU.

Whatever your views on climate change, Extinction Rebellion has been successful in attracting public and media attention.  I’m just glad I am not one of those poor people trying to get to work in London.  There again, maybe London businesses should move to Basingstoke to reduce all that commuter traffic?

One thing we are aware of is the massive destruction proposed, and actually being done now, to 693 wildlife habitats (identified by the Wildlife Trust) as being impacted by HS2.  It’s probably fewer now, as HS2 Ltd have wantonly carried on with their irreversible vandalism during the review process.  Once lost, never, ever to return. 

In their study, the Wildlife Trusts found HS2 will impact on:

  • 5 Wildlife refuges of international importance, protected by UK law
  • 33 Sites of Special Scientific Interest protected by UK law
  • 693 Classified Local Wildlife Sites
  • 21 Local Nature Reserves
  • 26 Large landscape-scale initiatives, including 4 Nature Improvement Areas which have been awarded £1.7 million of public money, and 22 Living Landscapes, which are partnership schemes to restore nature
  • 18 Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves – many also Designated Wildlife Sites

The Trust also found HS2 threatens other irreplaceable habitats such as veteran trees, wood pasture, old meadows, with the report highlighting threats to barn owls and endangered wildlife such as white-clawed crayfish, the willow tit, lizard orchids, and the dingy skipper butterfly.

Can we risk all this, just to get to London half-an-hour faster?  The vandalism is happening right now, so Stop HS2 and Extinction Rebellion will be holding a joint action at Harvil Road in Harefield, UB6 9JW, at 5 pm on 17th January, over the whole weekend. 

This is to protect the trees in the Colne Valley from being felled by “hatchet, axe, and saw”. 

You may disagree with Extinction Rebellion.  You may not believe in Climate Change.  But surely you believe in protecting our beautiful country from the ravages of people only interested in profit?     If so, please attend - no need to get involved in anything illegal - and display your UKIP credentials with pride, as this is certainly something that UKIP passionately believes in, protecting the beautiful country we have now rescued from the mighty EU, whose initial project caused HS2 in the first place (under Council Directive 96/84/EC if you are curious).

Stephen Lee

UKIP Transport Spokesman