Farage has dropped the baton in the sprint for Brexit

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Time to be radical?

Conceived last summer, the Brexit Party picked up the baton in the never-ending Brexit relay and promised to ‘Change Politics for Good’. Six months later, Nigel Farage washed his hands of responsibility and gifted the Conservatives a free rein on Brexit – no questions asked.

In May, Mr Farage promised to hold the Government to account. Just before Christmas, the Brexit Party laid off staff at its Headquarters, effectively amputating its ability to challenge the Tories, their new bedfellows, on Brexit. While many of its supporters are left bewildered at the party leadership’s sell-out, it has fallen to UKIP, the true guardians of Brexit, to fight for a clean break from the EU.

UKIP’s Interim Leadership Team has been working to re-establish the party as the only radical, common sense alternative in British politics. All affiliation with UKIP’s last two leaders has been severed, including the forced association with unelectable individuals. UKIP has a new brand with a ‘living manifesto’ for the post-Brexit decade ahead.

Interim Party Chairman, Ben Walker, appealed to former members who supported the Brexit Party in 2019 to return to UKIP and join the only party uncompromisingly committed to unconditional withdrawal from the EU.

At a recent meeting of the party faithful, Mr Walker said:

“Already we are welcoming back former members and activists who lent their support to the Brexit Party and believe that Farage has dropped the baton in the sprint for Brexit.

“The British people have been consistently misled by the Conservative Party and now, unforgivably, by the Brexit Party. Only UKIP can be trusted to Make Brexit Happen.

“2020 will be the year of UKIP’s revival. We will unapologetically campaign for a clean break from the EU, widespread voting reform, a radical reduction in net-migration, to abolish the House of Lords and defend free speech and other British values against the onslaught of political correctness”.