What to do with the House of Lords?

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A pit of the rejected that needs revamping.

Given the chance, UKIP would abolish the House of Lords.  It is fundamentally undemocratic and stuffed full of political toadies who got in there only because they once did a Prime Minister a few favours. This is no basis for appointing a democratic institution. 


Besides, the Lords aren’t “democratic”.  Nobody voted for them, and in some cases, they were actually ousted by their own voters before being elevated to the ermine… as a sort of wooden spoon consolation-prize to ease their wounded pride at having been rejected by the great unwashed.


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There are even rumours that Jo Swinson (ex Lib Dem Leader) might get in there. Er, sorry. Does Not Compute. Ms Swinson was chucked out on her ear precisely because she totally misjudged the mood of the Country. Why would we want anyone like her involved in Parliament? This also brings us to the ninety-three Lib Dem Lords in the Chamber when they have only eleven MPs in the Commons.




Recently there was even talk of “elevating” John Bercow, former Speaker of the Commons, to the Upper Chamber. That seems to have fallen through, thankfully. Otherwise, we’d have finally got rid of the little creep, only to see him popping up again,  plonking his expensively-tailored backside onto the red leather benches, complete with a smug, self-satisfied little smile, (By now you may have deduced that Mr Bercow is not on my Christmas card list, and you’d be right.  He isn’t.).


UKIP will abolish the House of Lords and replace it with a “revising chamber” where delegates may serve a maximum of only two terms and must be able to show an expertise in a relevant subject… not just be appointed because they once did someone a favour behind the scenes or were rejected by their own voters.


The principle of having a revising chamber, as a brake on the Commons to curb the worst excesses, is certainly important, but for UKIP, this is crucial if we are to restore democracy to Westminster.


David Challice

UKIP Head Office