Burgers and the Amazon

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The Climate Change lobby has now declared war on meat-eaters. Not only do cows ‘belch and backfire’ poisonous methane into the sky, causing bushfires and bleaching coral-reefs, but the Brazilian rain forests are being felled to make way for cattle, so we must all give up burgers or take the blame:  

“Give up meat, eat lentils, save the planet!”

Let’s pause a moment. It’s certainly true that Brazil shouldn’t be cutting down trees in the Amazon. Rain forests are the lungs of the Earth, and the UN should condemn such vandalism. But that’s as far as it goes.

Think of England. We have a wet, mild, temperate climate, with gentle hills and pasture, and a long tradition of farmers who know the land and love their job.  It’s the perfect place for agriculture. And the Climate Alarmists want to wreck it.

Sheep and cows eat grass at the front end, and drop manure from the back; this is vital for enriching the soil and maintaining its structure. If you clear all the cows and sheep off the fields, then you lose the fertiliser. Even worse, if you plough up the grass and plant soya beans, then the soil washes away in heavy rain, taking the nutrients with it. 

The key to this is the Soil. If the soil is wrecked, you are up the creek with no means of propulsion. If you were a turkey, you’d be plucked, stuffed, roasted, and displayed on a platter with a meat thermometer in an inconvenient place. If the soil is impoverished, so are the rest of us.    

Livestock farmers in the UK now feel under attack, and rightly so. They are.  The Government isn’t standing up for them, and the idiotic media are obsessed with Greta Thunberg and nut-burgers. Reason and common-sense have left the building.

UKIP proudly supports British farmers and the British livestock industry and will continue to do so. Go vegan if you want, but don’t feel guilty about eating meat. It’s good for you and good for the land.

David Challice

UKIP Head Office