Beginning of the End

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A long way to go, but a good start.

We might be approaching the end of the beginning…  leaving the EU on 31st January 2020, as promised by Boris.    Let’s hope so. 

Next, we must concentrate on the EU Trade Deal and ensure Boris doesn’t sell us down the river, by betraying the Fishermen and keeping us shackled to the European Court.    It would be nice not to pay £-billions alimony to Brussels but that’s probably too far for Boris… so it’s our job to apply the pressure.  That money is ours, to be spent right here in Britain, not get handed over to the Burghers of Brussels as a divorce sweetener.

Perhaps the Burghers should study the diagram below to fully appreciate the situation:

On another matter, Remainers are still convinced Brexit was rigged or mis-sold to the public.  Or “Leave” voters were simply too old, stupid, or racist (unlike Remainers who are educated, moderate, and know-how to vote properly).     

Or, of course, the Russians were behind it, as when Donald Trump got elected. 

It’s surprising they haven’t got round to blaming Moscow for those Australian bushfires.  Don’t worry.  They will. 

Which neatly brings us to this link, on Putin’s fiendish plan of engineering Brexit.  I think it’s rather good:

David Challice, UKIP Head Office