The Greta Question

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If you’ve been feeling suspicious of the ongoing “Greta Thunberg is a Saint” campaign, then you’re not alone.  Plenty of people out there can smell something fishy, and it’s not the salted cod. It’s because a powerful group of “elites” have used her as a symbol, a weapon, in their crusade for Climate Change. 

Greta Thunberg first gained publicity by starting the School Strike movement, where schoolchildren go ‘on strike’ until all those world leaders surrender their economies to the Climate Alarmists. If schoolchildren go ‘on strike’ then they are breaking the law. If parents can’t control their children, then the State must step in.

It’s ironic… across the planet, millions of children are desperate to go to school, to gain an education, and to make a success of their lives.  But here in the rich West, our pampered, self-indulgent little darlings decide to spurn all that and walk out of the classroom. Education is a privilege, not a right. They need to learn that if nothing else.

It’s not even as if Thunberg herself is “on strike”.  She isn’t.  She goes to a special school for mentally vulnerable children where attendance is not required. The whole movement is built on a lie. 

You may be interested in watching this piece, which lifts the lid on much of the Thunberg Phenomenon.

And also this one which investigates the Greta Thunberg Foundation.

I suspect there’s a lot more out there yet to be discovered.  Perhaps then people might ask themselves: “How on earth did we let ourselves be so easily fooled?  Why couldn’t we see through it right from the start?”


David Challice