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It's always been about Project Fear.

It’s risky to predict things without ‘risking’ a custard-pie in the face, but you might be interested in clicking on this link, to an article by Alexander von Schoenburg, political correspondent for Bild newspaper, on the problems facing the EU, and on how things look good for Britain.

Please remember… this isn’t penned by any ardent Brexiteer, nor by UKIP or by Nigel Farage, not even by Boris Johnson.   It’s from a German who knows about European politics, has studied Brexit for himself, and sees big trouble for the EU and a golden future for Britain now that we’re off.

What’s even more interesting is how Left-wing newspapers like the Guardian, Observer, and Daily Mirror, can have such a hugely different ‘take’ on the situation.  They must know the same facts, read the same statistics, as Herr von     Schoenburg.   For what possible reason can they still think that Brexit will be a disaster… particularly when all those predictions of doom, gloom, ruin and sorrow, simply never came true?  

But then, truth never formed part of the anti-Brexit campaign.  Project Fear was never about that.  It was always about Fear, and still is.


David Challice

UKIP Head Office