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Is the new government going full nanny-state?

Boris Bans Coal Fires

It’s very strange. Having won big-time in the North, punching a huge hole in Labour’s “red wall”, you’d have thought Boris Johnson would have wanted to keep those voters on-side…  not alienate them by pandering to middle-class Extinction Rebellion eco-fascists in the south. But apparently not. He’s been listening to his girlfriend again (Risky… ask Prince Harry).

The Tories have swallowed the alarmist rubbish of ‘Climate Emergency’, hook, line, and sinker, and it’s horribly familiar. In the 1990s, Tony Blair’s government started behaving like a Super-Nanny to its own supporters (before extending it to Arab dictators in illegal wars, with even less success) and I’m afraid Boris is already doing the same.  

Boris Johnson may give the impression of rejecting all that nanny-state nonsense, “An Englishman’s home is his castle,” etc.  But it’s actions that matter, not words.  Outlawing coal-fires comes straight from the New Labour playbook, right up there with banning smoking in working men’s clubs, taxing sugar, and waging war on tax-paying motorists, the very people who put them into government in the first place.  For more info, please see here.

It’s happened very quickly.  Quicker than I’d thought. The election’s barely over and already I’m catching ‘essence of Puritan’ in the wind, like distant wood-smoke on a calm evening;  the scent of a group that can never rid itself of the suspicion that someone, somewhere, might just be doing something they enjoy, and therefore need stopping, even though they might be perfectly happy.

David Challice

UKIP Head Office