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A party in turmoil.

The Labour Party is in chaos.  Kier Starmer, the front-runner to replace Corbyn, has just announced that he’d campaign to reverse Brexit in the future.  Even his rival candidates, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Wrong-Daily, thought that was bonkers.  See it here in The Morning Star.

Even worse is Labour’s suspension of Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equalities watchdog, for pointing out that Muslims are different from non-Muslims, which indeed they are. Christians are different from non-Christians, and that’s not racist either. Read it here.

Communist Momentum groupie, Ash Sarkar, then piled in: “His suspension pending investigation for racism is the exact process people were demanding Labour adopt regarding antisemitism. You can’t have one process for one minority, and not for the others.”

Ms Sarkar knows all about antisemitism after publicly endorsing Ewa Jasiewicz’s graffiti sprayed on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto:  “Free Gaza and Palestine”, then caused outrage after appearing on a BBC documentary about Nazis (the real puzzle is not that she appeared, but why the BBC invited her onto the programme at all).  See it here.

You might also be interested in this one where Ms Sarkar seems to imply that Muslims are “winning” the battle of London. If that’s not racist, I can’t think what is. Take a look and decide for yourself.


David Challice

UKIP Head Office