UKIP Leads While Others Pretend to Follow on Treason Law

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A report by the think tank Policy Exchange which calls for a revision of the Treason Act has been backed by various Labour and Tory politicians including former Home Secretary Amber Rudd. This revision would enable the Act to be used to send terrorists to jail.  

What they didn’t realise is that UKIP Leader Gerard Batten wrote a pamphlet calling for this back in 2005.

In a section entitled ‘Redefine the Treason Laws’, the UKIP Leader wrote:

“Britain's ancient treason laws should be brought up-to-date and clarified, along the lines of the definition of treason contained in the Constitution of the USA. For example, treason could be redefined as ‘making war on the realm of the Monarch, aiding, abetting or giving comfort to their enemies, and espionage’. The harshest penalties should be available to the courts, and applied, for those found guilty. This would serve two purposes: it would allow terrorists and their accomplices to be dealt with effectively; and it would send a clear message that terrorist offences are not just crimes but an attack on the very state and its values to which all citizens, and those living within its borders, owe loyalty.”

A UKIP spokesman commented:

“UKIP leads while others pretend to follow. Gerard Batten has been advocating this since 2005, but don’t expect the establishment to give him any credit.  Besides, the politically correct Westminster establishment will never get tough on Jihadis; UKIP is the only party with the vision and the guts to protect the British people."