And The Brexit Party?

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Is the stage set for a Farage revival?

There’s a risk of sounding like “sour grapes” here, and I recognise it.   

Nigel Farage resigned, took over The Brexit Party, stood against UKIP in the Euro Elections, and gave us a good clobbering, sweeping the board with loads of MEPs. No point denying it. 

UKIP has always pointed out that you could not “join” The Brexit Party, that its supporters had no input apart from money, and it was really a one-man-band for Nigel Farage. People thought that was sour grapes too, so sometimes you can’t win (not just in elections either).  But now it’s all unravelling. Mr Farage sacked his head office staff at Christmas, killing off the new party, “mothballing it”, as he put it. 

There are now vague rumours of it morphing into The Reform Party, to abolish the House of Lords and change the voting system. Both good things, but if anyone thinks that’ll fire up voters, they need their bumps examined. 

More importantly, Private Eye magazine has been doing some proper journalism and unearthed a scandal threatening to blow The Brexit Party apart. Read about it here: 

and here: 

It now appears there are serious questions to answer about money and its legal structure, with three shares (or possibly even one share) held by The Brexit Party, and missing £-millions apparently sloshing around in the ether, in search of a home.

I wonder what former Brexit Party supporters feel about their £25 fee disappearing into such a black hole?    


David Challice

UKIP Head Office