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Something to entertain in turbulent times.

In these dark days of Coronavirus, it’s important not to get too depressed or down.  So it’s my mission today to spread a little cheer.

Firstly, the Virus has seen the EU’s Schengen Agreement smashed wide open (no more open borders where you can just swan through without even showing your passport), and if Germany, Holland, and Scandinavia don’t start giving cash to Spain and to Italy even the EU itself might fall apart.  The Club-Med countries might start thinking: “If they’re not going to help us when we’re on our knees, what’s the point of being in the EU anyway?  With friends like that… 

You can read about it here.    

On a lighter note, turn up the volume and click here for a new version of Bohemian Rhapsody.   

On an even lighter note, for everyone cooped up at home, click here for the last flight out of Cork Airport.  Gives me the wander-lust every time I see it. 

Or, finally, the latest official instructions for the use of hand sanitiser.  Don’t try this at home or you might lose it.  Your home, that is.

David Challice

UKIP Head Office