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With flights coming in daily, we may never end the lockdown.

A short time ago, Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, admitted - while flustered under questioning - that 15,000 people came into the U.K. on flights last week, and perhaps that 15,000 may come in each day. Even if it is the slower rate, and even if these people have been subject to some form of COVID-19 checking at flight departure, there are too many false negatives on testing, and screening is useless with many people being completely asymptomatic while infectious.

If this number is anything more than a few hundred per day, and if just 1% of them are carriers, they could undo all the benefits of lockdown. It's likely more will get off the plane infected than got on...

We increasingly suspect that easing of the lockdown will begin in just over three weeks. But this mustn't happen if the government has been allowing travellers to enter the country while they are still infected!

Israel, Russia, India etc., evidently unafraid of being labelled “racist” by those who advocate open borders irrespective of cost, routinely quarantine for several weeks those who disembark. This is the only sensible course of action for a government genuinely interested in ending the lockdown safely, returning our nation to normality and beginning a recovery from economic carnage.

A “come one, come all” mentality will trigger a second wave of COVID-19 cases; this is appalling.

Importing COVID-19 must stop immediately.

We must apply scientific logic to salvage the future by quarantining everyone coming into the U.K. To avoid chaos, prospective travellers need to be made aware of such measures before they set out.

All this must be done as a matter of urgency; otherwise, the lockdown cannot be safely lifted on the anniversary of VE Day, of D-Day, or ever.

Freddy Vachha

UKIP Science Spokesman

UKIP National Campaign Manager