Latest UKIP Press Release on Immigration

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The government's backtrack on immigration begins.

UKIP fought many Campaigns on the issue of a points-based immigration system for the UK.  Ignoring city states and territories smaller than Holland, England is the fourth most densely-populated country in the world, more crowded than India and China; only Bangladesh, Taiwan and South Korea are worse.  And that's based on our official statistics; everyone, especially supermarkets, know these are significant underestimates.  This week the government acknowledged there are far more people here than they'd said.

In February, we were encouraged when the Home Secretary, following the hallowed Tory tradition of copying UKIP, announced a points-based immigration system.

Due to be enacted on January 1st, 2021, it was a promise to voters that the UK would be autonomous and return to the land of the sensible.

Leaks tell us that the government is back-pedalling, having recently postponed the second reading of the bill, and the Lords are set to sabotage it.  The Home Secretary is being undermined, even sued, by a Remain/Rejoin-infested Civil Service.

The Coronavirus crisis doesn't provide an excuse.  Once this difficult period ends and we rebuild a damaged economy, it will be more critical than ever that employment of skilled overseas workers is properly controlled.  How else can the nation actively recruit in sectors necessary for a transition back to normalcy, prioritising highly-skilled individuals over low-skilled ones, and without adding undue burden on a struggling health service?

Hundreds of thousands of Brits actively seeking work once lockdown gets lifted deserve the best possible chance to find rewarding employment, without facing depressed wages due to a fresh wave of unmanaged immigration.

If our health service is over-reliant upon foreign workers, a points-based selection allows key roles to be filled by those who will not seek to bring with them dependants to put pressure on schools, doctors etc. and drive down wages for those in low-skilled jobs.

Another immigration howler by the Government is not to clamp down on incoming flights, reducing the flow (recently estimated at 15,000/day) to manageable numbers we can quarantine during the 2-3 week incubation period of the virus.

All this is a betrayal of the electorate who loaned the PM their vote on the understanding that the Tories would stick to their election promises. The struggle to leave the EU may be won, but we must seek the control that every free nation deserves.


If Priti Patel keeps on being stymied, we'll invite her to do what her dad did - join UKIP and help our campaign to fix Broken Britain.